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  • Design and manufacture of printed fabrics

    AD MIRMA MODA we are a company dedicated to the textile and fashion sector. We have a design department that offers new and current prints.

  • Specialty

    Our specialty is PRINTED FABRICS.

    Our own designs that we print on different bases and qualities at the client's choice and upon request. We work with very small production minimums, which makes us accessible to any type of client.

    Print fabrics
  • Tela blanca


    We have a wide range of fabrics, in different fibers, both natural and synthetic, on which we print any of our designs.

  • Proximity

    Exclusively national creation and production.

    The entire creation and printing process is carried out in Spain, with the support of companies in the area, favoring the local economy and thus achieving a local and sustainable product.

  • Fabric creation
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About us

AD MIRMA MODA we are experts in textiles and fashion, and our specialty is printed fabrics.