AD Mirma Moda

AD MIRMA MODA is a family business founded in 2013 and made up of a team of professionals in the sector with more than 30 years of experience in the world of fashion and fabric in particular.

We decided to concentrate our efforts in the world of digital printing, coinciding with the technological boom of specially designed printers to create a whole new universe of possibilities, with detailed designs, a higher level of customization and even a very wide spectrum of colorimetry. And most importantly, it gave us the possibility of being able to work on demand and provide first-class solutions, aimed at satisfying the highest expectations and needs of our clients.


Fabrics of Ad Mirma Moda
Ad Mirma Office

A few years after that initial bet, we must point out that we are deeply satisfied with the journey we have made. We have grown, we have matured, and we have established good synergies within this big little world of fashion.

Our design department works continuously, researching trends and creating new prints. Our products are intended for both fashion brands and independent designers and/or creatives. We like to talk to our clients, advising, personalizing and adapting each design to their needs.

Our treatment with clients is direct through our representatives, and we have the honor of participating in several textile events where we show our collections: Salon Textil on Tour BARCELONA, Salon Textil on Tour SEVILLA and KM0-IFEMA MADRID.